Convention Schedule

Shows I'll currently be attending, will update as I hear back from others! Have sold at 93 events so far!

 2024 Conventions:

Further Confusion (San Jose) Jan 11-15th
Ikkicon (Austin) Jan 19-21st
Kami-con (Birmingham) Feb 9-11th
Anime Milwaukee (Milwaukee) Mar 8-10th
Kawaii Kon (Honolulu) Mar 29-31st
Anime Central (Chicago) May 17-19th
MomoCon (Atlanta) May 24-27th
Anime Expo (Los Angeles) July 4-7th
Tokyo OK (Tulsa) July 12-14th
Tekko (Pittsburgh) July 18-21st
Animefest (Arlington) July 25-28th
Anime Matsuri (Houston) Aug 8-11th
Dragon Con (Atlanta) Aug 29-Sept 2nd
Anime Houston (Houston) Sept 13-15th
TwitchCon (San Diego) Sept 20-22nd
Anime Banzai (Layton) Oct 18-20th
Anime Weekend Atlanta (Atlanta) Dec 12-15th

Past Conventions:

2023- Kami-con, Kawacon, Kawaii Kon, Anime Detour, MomoCon, Fanime, A-kon, Dreamhack Dallas, Anime Expo, Metrocon, Tokyo Ok, Tekko, Animefest, Anime Matsuri, Dragon Con, San Japan, Anime Houston, Anime North Texas, Anime Weekend Atlanta, Anime Dallas, Midwest Furfest, Holiday Matsuri
2022- Katsucon, Anime Central, Biggest Little Fur Con, A-kon, Anime Expo, Tekko, Animefest, Tokyo OK, Dragon Con, Anime Weekend Atlanta, Kumoricon, Anime Dallas, Holiday Matsuri
2021- Minna Art Market, Dragon Con, Tokyo OK, Biggest Little Fur Con, Anime Weekend Atlanta, Kumoricon, Tekko, Midwest Furfest, Holiday Matsuri, Ikkicon
2020- MAGfest, Kami-con, Katsucon, Texas Furry Fiesta
2019- MAGfest, Texas Furry Fiesta, Dallas Fan Expo, Anime Central, Sacanime Summer, A-kon, Tokyo in Tulsa, Animefest, San Japan, Dragon Con, Dallas Fan Days, Youmacon, Holiday Matsuri, Ikkicon
2018- Texas Furry Fiesta, Mini A-kon, All-con, South Campus Anime Convention, AMPX Con, Fanime, A-kon, Anime Central Texas, Tokyo in Tulsa, Animania Wichita Falls, Animefest, San Japan, Anime Sekai, Realmscon, Nomikai Dallas, Anime North Texas, Ikkicon 
2017- Animefest, Anime North Texas