Dragon Lanyards Deal 3 for 25 Dollars

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  • Save $5

Get three (3) lanyards for a discounted rate of $25, normally $30!

These lanyards are double sided, 2 cm wide and 45 cm long with a clasp.

Type the numbers or names of the three (3) dragon lanyards you would like in the Personalization box. All the options are in this item description below. If you want a more detailed look at the options check out the other listings in my shop! Type "Random" if you would like three random designs. Feel free to message me if you have any questions!

1. Dark Brown- Game of Thrones
2. Brown- Smaug
3. Dark Red- Godzilla
4. Red- How to Train Your Dragon
5. Orange- Pokemon
6. Light Orange- Yugioh 5Ds
7. Gold- Yugioh
8. Yellow- Purple Gem Dragons
9. Light Green- Monster Hunter World
10. Dark Green- Monster Hunter (SOLD OUT)
11. Teal- Green Asian Dragon
12. Blue- World of Warcraft (SOLD OUT)
13. Light Blue- Breath of the Wild (SOLD OUT)
14. Dark Blue- Legendary Pokemon
15. Dark Purple- Magic the Gathering
16. Light Purple- The Dragon Prince
17. Pink- Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid
18. Magenta- Childhood Classics
19. Grey- White Asian Dragon (SOLD OUT)
20. Dark Grey- Dungeons and Dragons (SOLD OUT)
21. Black- Skyrim

Please note that these characters do not belong to me, but the art is 100% original!

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