Monster Hunter Charms

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Your favorite Monster Hunter dragons Rathalos, Rathian, Gore Magala, White Fatalis, Mizutsune, Amatsu, Lagiacrus, and Valstrax now available as a cute 2 inch charms!

These charms are double sided, double boarded clear acrylic so the art is protected!
Most include different art on the back and a keychain attachment!

Rathalos- Silver variant!
Rathian- Gold variant!
Gore Magala- Turns into Shagaru Magala!
White Fatalis- Enraged form!
Mizutsune- Thunderbubble variant!
Amatsu- Enraged form!
Lagiacrus- Abyssal variant!
Valstrax- Enraged form!

Please note that these characters do not belong to me, but the art is 100% original!

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