World of Warcraft Pins

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Your favorite World of Warcraft dragons, Alexstrasza, Deathwing, Ysera, Nozdormu, Kalecgos, Wrathion, Brightwing, Sindragosa, and Onyxia, now available as cute 1.75 inch enamel pins! Most also have Glitter Variants! 

1.75 inches
Hard Enamel
Variety of Metal Finishes
2 Backings for Secure Hold
Screen Printed Eye Highlights
Backing Card

All pins are inspected for possible flaws from the handmade enamel pin making process. These pins are not guaranteed collector's grade and are meant to be displayed or worn.

Standard Grade-
0-1 minor flaw not in focal area, such as specks, smudges, scratches, shallow underfill, etc.

Seconds Grade-
Multiple minor flaws, flaw in focal area, or a large flaw such as missing enamel or plating, color in wrong section, deep underfill, tarnish, etc.

Locking Pin Backs Upgrade-

Please note that these characters do not belong to me, but the art is 100% original!

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